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The Number One Question You Must Ask for Samples of Essay Titles for Death Penalty

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Samples of Essay Titles for Death Penalty The majority of us have written an essay. As stated by the numerous suggestions on writing a very good essay the very first thing you ought to do before starting to write is to prepare an outline. All you need to do is select the one which is suitable for your essay best. Before you commence writing a title for your essay, it's always beneficial to learn more about qualities which every headline should have. There are numerous essay title generator online that do not give what you desire. The conclusion gives a last perspective on the subject of the essay and therefore is essential. Meanwhile, thesis statement indicates the goal of an essay. It's simpler to produce the appropriate title knowing the full essay's structure and the arguments discussed. ARandom topic generatoris intended to help you locate the most fascinating and appropriate topic for your essay. Imagine the standard of writing you'll receive from a low-cost essay writing service. Introduction is among the most vital elements of any part of literature. Our essay typing services are extremely simple to use and just take a couple of minutes to get the job done. The strain of writing a paper can definitely wipe out your creativity and make it more difficult to produce something suitable. If you think about creating titles easy and you don't require any narrative essay prompts college or higher school students want to follow, it is truly great. A requirement for college program, essays are here in order to stay. If you're one of them who is also searching online how to begin a college essay, then you're at right spot. A college essay is a crucial paper for those students as it allows them to find admission to the well-recognized college or university. The Importance of Samples of Essay Titles for Death Penalty Crimes that can cause the death penalty are called capital offences or capital crimes. Nobody is permitted to take away another individual's life. Things You Won't Like About Samples of Essay Titles for Death Penalty and Things You Will You are able to mix and match the provided titles to make something unique, yet still not need to be concerned about whether you've managed to adhere to the rules. Frequently, a title is a vital issue when somebody is selecting a book to buy. Still, if it is dull, no one will want to read your work. Such working title might just remind the author of the principal focus and idea of writing. A new botched execution in Oklahoma , USA drew lots of criticism about whether it must be considered a cruel or unusual punishment. Most people who support the death penalty say our justice process is ideal and doesn't require any changes. A person shouldn't be in a position to acquire life in person for a murder and someone else receives the death penalty for the very same precise crime. A lot of persons argue that the death penalty is a great way of eliminating dangerous criminals in the society, but there's one other way to fix the problem. Titles are important as they have a distinctive ability to grab the interest of the viewers. You will receive a remarkable title that you may tweak and employ for your own use. You should attempt to avoid crowding your essay at the very top of page. The keywords ought to be strict-to-the-point to work. To start your search pick a topic and submit. Samples of Essay Titles for Death Penalty - Overview Before you commence writing your essay, there's a need to find the sensation of connection to the subject, the attraction to it and a deep interest. To get started writing with fluency about something it's vital that you feel attracted to that subject area, it is simpler to discuss something that you like than something about you don't feel interested in. Moreover, using atopic generatorhere looks like advisable. Currently, the majority of us have a mobile phone.

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Description Of A Bed And Breakfast - 775 Words

A bed and breakfast is typically a guesthouse or a small hotel that offers sleeping accommodations and breakfast meals in the morning. Provided that there is sufficient resources available in designing a bed and breakfast, it would be tailored mostly around couples and romance. There will be a lot of dark red, white and perhaps a little bit of gold in the color schematics. Unlike the classical bed and breakfast that usually carry a more vintage theme, I would add a modern feel also. The bed and breakfast will be in a Victorian styled home. This bed and breakfast will be named the Love Nest, in order for potential guest to have an idea of what to expect. At the entrance, an asymmetrical garden rose petal filled water fountain will serve as a great attraction in the middle of the lawn. We will have car garages for guest that arrive with cars. There will also be cherubs on each side of the door. The doors will be made of real wood that is of a French design. As one enters, a beautiful c rystal chandelier will cast over an adjoining staircase that is of the European neoclassical style. These stairs will take the guests up to their rooms. The smell in the air will be that of a light vanilla. The walls will be all white with touches of gold. The dark red will be used to accentuate the room with curtains, abstract paintings, couches, sculptures and vases with bunches of roses. There will be eight suites available and each will have its own private baths. When you enter the bedroomShow MoreRelatedQuestions On Prospective Financial Information Essay1723 Words   |  7 PagesThis also ensures that specific tax requirements and allowances are met. For example, lodgement of the Business Activity Statement is quarterly where as individual tax returns are annually. The company name and registration will be â€Å"Seaside Bed and Breakfast† and Natalia Garrido wholly owns the business. 2.3 Location The Seaside BB will be located in Manly Beach, NSW and has more than 2.1 million visitors per year (Destination NSW, 2014). Figure 1 demonstrates domestic an international visitorsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Landlady By Roald Dahl1051 Words   |  5 PagesThe short story â€Å"The Landlady,† by Roald Dahl, tells of a young businessman from London traveling to Bath who stays the night at a bed and breakfast. A prominent theme that runs throughout the story is how the main character notices ominous signs. This theme is central to a number of Dahl’s works. The character Billy Weaver is the protagonist who contributes to the plot in his efforts to remember two names, Christopher Mulholland and Gregory W. Temple, that was signed in a guestbook over threeRead MoreReflection Of Clinical Practice794 Words   |  4 PagesThis reflective essay will discuss three skills that I have leant and developed during my placement. The three skills that I will be discussing in this essay are bed-bath, observing a corpse being prepared for mortuary and putting canulla and taking it out. These skills will be discussed in this essay using (Gibb’s, 1988) model. I have chosen to use Gibb’s model because I find this model easier to use and understand to guide me through my reflection process. Moreover, this model will be useful inRead MoreEssay On The Landlady720 Words   |  3 PagesThe Landlady A person begins to read, their body submerged in goose bumps. The description of the setting makes them fear for the protagonist. Their head fills with the anticipation of what what might happen next. They start to wonder if the protagonist is going to live. Their eyes read the page as fast as they can but then the page stops, leaving them with a head filled with fears. This is an example of how a horror story should compel the reader. A compelling horror story needs to have a scaryRead MoreHospitality Management Food and Beverage1285 Words   |  6 Pageson sale. The list consists a description and the prices of such item offered. It is called a bill of fair in English and â€Å"Menu† in French. The variety in choice of Menus In smaller restaurants the choice of menu items offered is usually limited. Where as in high-class restaurants where the per head average spending power is more, the menu selection is normally much greater. A restaurant may have several menus for different occasions. These could be. 1) Breakfast Menu 2) Lunch Menu 3) DinnerRead MoreThe Hand983 Words   |  4 Pagesmarriage and shows how the young wife slowly sees that her husband prevails over her. Colette starts the story out by making a role of submission in the wife, and domination in the husband, making an unbalance of power. Colette also uses the description of the husband and wife to stress the unbalance of power. The young wife is described as slim and adolescent. The husband outweighs the wife in the relationship but he also is physically dominant, good-looking and athletic. Therefore, the husbandRead MoreGraduation Speech : My Sister And Her Daughter1635 Words   |  7 Pagesextended stay in Orvieto, curiosity persuaded us to rent a studio apartment more centrally located this time. Bed and Breakfast (BB) Garibaldi, in the historic center of town, near the Piazza della Repubblica seemed ideal and offered a winter discount rate of 47â‚ ¬ per night. Prior to securing a reservation, I communicated with the owner-manager, via email to request a more detailed description of the accommodations. David was forthright in describing the modest but adequate amenities, n everthelessRead MoreTourism Regions Of British Columbia1106 Words   |  5 Pages9.1 : Description of Regions - Part 1 Tourism Regions of British Columbia Name of Region Description of region 1. Vancouver, Coast Mountains Containing the city of Vancouver and its surrounding mountains and West Coast, this region is most advantageous for tourists who want a little bit of everything. The bustling city life of Vancouver offers a wide range of restaurants, museums, spas, and other city amenities. The region’s mild, temperate climate is belied by the snowfalls that cover the mountainsRead MoreA Romantic Aura Of Saint Tropezs 5 Star Hotels1624 Words   |  7 PagesA Romantic Aura that Surrounds Saint-Tropez’s 5-Star Hotels Ignites Your Sensual Feelings Meta Description: We captured Saint-Tropez’s vibrant energy in an easy-to-read article covering its award-winning 5-star hotels that bring this fabulous city to life. Entering Saint-Tropez’s Vision This fun-filled town has palm trees sashaying through mild breezes with leaves rustling in the wind. The super rich and famous cruise in their Bugattis, Ferrari s, BMW’s, Bentley s, and Maybachs vehicles downRead MoreProposal For Choosing Visionary Tax Planners Essay1563 Words   |  7 PagesDear Richie Gemma, Thanks for choosing Visionary Tax Planners Limited to help set up a self-guided walking and hiking tour business (Kauri Hikes) together with bed and breakfast accommodation (Kauri BnB) for their short stay guests. As you are seeking our advice on which business structure to use. GST registration, extracting capital and tax treatment of various expenses. We strongly recommend choosing â€Å"Regular Company† for both Kauri BnB and Kauri Hikes. Here is the detail analysis of this decision

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Concepts And Practices Of Sustainability And Green...

1. INTRODUCTION The activation of the application of the concepts and practices of sustainability and green architecture in the construction industry will lead to finding appropriate solutions to the problems of environmental, economic and functional. Green architecture and sustainable buildings is not a luxury academically, and do not approach the theory or the aspirations and dreams have no place in reality, but because they represent a global trend for the application and start to be professional practice and conscious to take the features of shape and dimensions to a great extent between the architects and engineers involved in the building and construction sectors in the advanced industrial countries. some of these countries had cutting a long way in this field, and there are a significant increase in demand for this approach years ago, in this case the people had increase the motivation of being interest in the sustainable building. the architects and designer In a race against time to provid e a healthy environment and economical at the same time and crowned the work by green buildings. Green buildings generally use 50% - 75% less energy than conventional construction. therefore, in order to find solutions to environmental problems and economic plaguing the construction sector we urgently need to change traditional patterns used in the design and implementation of buildings to make them more sustainable, and this required change must begin quickly to provide indoorShow MoreRelatedEnvironmental Sustainability And Global Warming1249 Words   |  5 Pages Sustainability ‘Sustainability’ and all its connotations have become the term of the millennium thus far, although it was an idea introduced in the 1980’s. It encompasses many interpretations, and has taken on a very loaded and preconceived meaning. Many have a vision of green initiatives and global warming-based issues, but what does it mean to the in today’s society? Even when narrowed to the disciplines of architecture and planning, it is a multifaceted and loaded concept. Kenny and MeadowcroftRead MoreSustainable Education And Green Campus Design Creating A Marketing Value For The Universities1498 Words   |  6 PagesHigher Education Development in Turkey through Participation-Empowerment of the Community and Green Campus Design Creating a Marketing Value for the Universities. Sub-topics: 1. Sustainable Architecture Definition 2. Sustainable Initiatives/Policies 3. Social Sustainability 4. Sustainable Architecture as Branding 6. Rethinking the Principles of Sustainable Higher Education 1. Sustainable Architecture Definition 1.1. Bruntland, Gro. Our common future: The world commission on environment and developmentRead MoreSustainable Design: Advantages of Going Green1347 Words   |  5 Pagesunderstand that being green or ecologically minded, is not simply for environmentalists. By supporting sustainability, many organizations hope not only to reduce their carbon footprint but also to attract younger people who prefer to work for environmentally and socially responsible organizations. This spills off into personal decisions as well, but includes a different philosophical mindset one of holism and treating the planet as one organism. The advantages of going green are both tangible andRead MoreSustainability Reporting For Hotel Companies : A Tool For Overcoming The Crisis1190 Words   |  5 Pages I choose sustainability in the lodging industry because with this being relevant in most of my major classes this semester. I wanted to do more research and become more knowledgeable on why sustainability is so important and the impact it has on this generation and generations to come. The three pillars of sustainability are the environmental, physical and social aspects that all affect one another, especially in terms of tourism and hospitality. The industry is only growing and if continuesRead MoreThe Portland Development Commission Essay724 Words   |  3 PagesThis article comes from the Academic Search Premier. It informs that Portland citizens have collaborated with the Portland Development Commission to observe 35 blocks that they expect those city blocks to become a model of urban sustainability. To establish energy goals, city planners calculate how much oxygen would be released and carbon dioxide used in a forest area in the size of 35 city blocks. I like how it demonst rate the plan they are using and how it gets the citizens and government to workRead MoreA Brief Note On Modern Standing Of Sustainability4162 Words   |  17 Pages2. Modern Standing Of Sustainability In the most countries the using of energy and emissions of CO2 are the biggest driver for the buildings. About 160 million building are in the EU are estimated for using more than 40% of the energy in Europe and push more than 40% of emissions carbon dioxide. The US Energy Information Administration pointed to the share of the energy and the emissions of the greenhouse gas (GHG) that connected with building it is bigger in US and the total emissions amount toRead MoreThe Scholarly Format Appropriate For The Field1322 Words   |  6 Pagesinvestigate the various policy and attitudinal barriers that prevent more meaningful change at the local level, and then comparing them with energy policies and cultural attitudes in Germany, such as the German Federal Government’s guiding principles of Sustainability: â€Å"[†¦] intergenerational equity, quality of life, social cohesion and international responsibility† (German Federal Government). I will narrow my focus to compa re policies and attitudes regarding the interplay between building design and energyRead MoreWater Quality And Quantity Of Water1661 Words   |  7 Pagesthis paper will be in the water sector. From the extraction of water to the consumption of water, and everything in between – water quality and quantity are being compromised in order to achieve financial goals and success. Conservation goals and practices are in the wrong priority order. Most of the rapid urban development is occurring in the coastal regions of the world. Water quality and quantity are becoming a growing concern in these areas. The environmental challenges faced by these developmentsRead MoreGreen Buildings/Green Architecture2870 Words   |  12 PagesIntroduction A green building (also referred to as sustainable building or green construction) is a structure that employs an approach that is responsible for the environment besides being efficient in regard to resources all through its life cycle: This is from selecting the site to designing it, constructing, operating, maintaining, renovating and demolishing it. To achieve this, the client, the engineers, the architects and the entire design team closely cooperate at all stages of a project (YanRead MoreBiomimicy: The Design of Life Essay1488 Words   |  6 Pagesused for inspiration, is a process to solve design problems. In architecture, the â€Å"hip† thing today as Bjarke Ingels puts it, is sustainability. The most popular definition of sustainability was defined at a 1987 UN conference. It defined sustainable developments as those that meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. While this definition is the most popular for sustainability it does not define any measurable parameters for modeling and measuring

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Nursing Health Reform Feedback

Question: Write an essay on Nursing Health Reform Feedback? Answer: Introduction Nursing has always been a crucial part of the healthcare delivery system all over the world. The essentials of nursing practice in the community is now so much fragmented that it does not hold its place properly. The expected quality of work and services from the nurses is becoming individualistic rather than being holistic. But still the nursing job is an important part of the healthcare system of the country. More jobs are expected to come in the coming phases of time with the involvement of new and challenging developments in the medical science. As the profession is advancing to new heights more employment seems to arise in the coming era. Nurses must be given more control and dependence over their work so as to reduce the expenses on patient care and improve quality of treatment given to the patients. (Berlin , Grote , Scheidler, 2012) Change In Nursing Care Delivery Many hospitals and health systems have found it very challenging to maintain a stable and qualified nursing staff and have succeeded also at many places so far. The quantity of voluntary workers in nursing is much more than in any other occupation. The accountable care organizations (ACOs) work in collaboration with the hospitals and the healthcare systems to give an affective and good quality care to the sufferers. This has helped a lot in changing the running trends of nursing care delivery to a new dimension. According to the various surveys and feedbacks, nurses are now more free to work in accordance with the system and therefore able to render quality treatment at low costs. The primary step taken in care of the patient largely depends on the co-ordination and education of the healthcare providers of the hospital. The organizations train the nurses and other staff to work in co-operation with each other to give a better care and get great responses. Many medical or health homes have also come into practice to deliver valuable care and primary support to the healthcare providing staff members. These medical or health homes are almost similar to ACOs in meeting statutory requirements that emphasize care and services equally within nursing area of practice. (Haney, 2010) Nursing Education And Its Growth The nurses must be qualified with a bachelor or diplomatic degree to meet the demands of the current scenario in patient-care. They should be well skilled in critical thinking, case management, and health awareness and must have practice of variety of inpatient and outpatient cases. The education of nurses is laid great stress now so as to increase work efficiency and fruitful outcomes in the field of healthcare. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) have encouraged the employees to create a practice environment that hold lifelong learning and offer incentives for registered nurses to achieve higher degree levels in their education. (Robert , 2014) Feedback Of Nurses Attaining feedback from the nurses work as an important tool to enhance their morale and confidence towards work. In some places patients have started giving badges og great quality care to the nurses which has resulted largely in boosting up the overall activity of the nursing staff and other healthcare members. The feedback can be taken as a guidance that would suggest ways to improve performance. (Middleton, 2007) Approximately 40 percent of U.S. hospitals are currently participating in the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI), to measure ways of nurse care and outcomes. Nurses examine the data and seek useful and meaningful solutions to improve quality of care that must be given to the patient. Many organizations like the ACOs have made the nurse practitioners to be professionals and have added to their carrier new heights of success in the field of nursing care and its implementations. The basic aim behind this step was to provide high quality primary care and also to gain positive feedbacks from the nurses. The nurses who are registered to the advanced practice courses have the skills and education to provide valuable services to the ACO participants. All over the country, at present 250,000 nurses are nationally board-certified APRNs (Advanced practice registered nurses) and are a major source of primary care in community health settings and are highly skilled in managing patients of all ages. According to the new health care reform law, one more basic advantage of having an ACO can be seen. It states that a medical reimbursement becomes easy and confirmed once ACOs come into practice in the hospitals. This has far more resulted in gaining a positive feedback from the medical practitioners. (University, (2016) Apart from the ACOs there are some health clinics also which are run by nurses only. Most of these are running as nonprofit organizations that works to encourage nurse-led health care through policy, consultation, programs and various researches to reduce health complexities and also to meet publics primary care and wellness needs. Conclusion After the successful and valuable success of such organizations majority of the nursing staff have been in the favor of their working regime and have also stated that working under these types of accreditations will help improve their practice and skills to a further level. Many organizations and hospitals have found a variable reduction in the quantity of re-admissions, cost and even in hospitalization; this clearly indicates the effective working system of the healthcare providers. This has also resulted in great improvement in the management of care and also in treating patients with complex health needs. The working of healthcare team in some of the rural areas has also resulted in overall development of the place. These places are mostly handled by the nurses who take care of all the medical needs and train the residents about health and hygiene. Numerous activities of care coordination are found effective and purposeful. The potential concept and unending efforts of these PCMHs, ACOs and nurse managed health clinics must be shared widely to promote their learning and also to improve their quality. (Aetna Foundation, 2010.) References University, A. (2016).Online accredited Bachelor's Master's Degrees by American Sentinel.Americansentinel.edu. Retrieved from https://www.americansentinel.edu Berlin, G., Grote, K., Scheidler, G., (2012). Health International. Retrieved from https://HI12_52-63 NursingExcellence_R6.pdf Haney, C., (2010). Anna Issue Brief. Retrieved from https://New Delivery Models - FINAL - Haney - 6-9-10 1532 Robert J. (2014). The American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Retrieved from https://www.aacn.nche.edu/media-relations/EdImpact.pdf) Middleton, J., (2007). Nursing Times Retrieved from https://www.nursingtimes.net/giving-constructive-feedback/215184 The Role of Nurses in ACOs. Pdf pg. 1-2. Retrieved From https://nursesrole-accountablecareorg.pdf Aetna Foundation. Program Areas: Specifics. 2010. https://www.aetna.com/about-aetnainsurance/aetna-foundation/aetna-grants/program-areaspecifics.html.

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Tsingtao Beer

Executive Summary Tsingtao’s entry to the Thai market requires a robust project management approach. The project scope includes construction of a beer brewery, and establishing a value chain in Thailand. The technical requirements for the project include the construction of a brewery that can produce three million bottles of liquor monthly.Advertising We will write a custom coursework sample on Tsingtao Beer specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The systems needed for the success of the project includes a change management system, and Project Management Office (PMO), and a risk management system. The project manager is a senior vice president of Tsingtao Beer. The project management team reports directly to the board. The main risks associated with the project arise from Tsingtao’s limited understanding of the business environment in Thailand. Tsingtao Beer Project Plan The Tsingtao Beer company is in the process of expan ding its overseas operations to create new markets for its products. This document examines various aspects of the project plan developed to ensure the success of the new venture. The issues covered in this plan range from the work breakdown structure to project management tools and approaches used in the project. Scale and Scope of Project This project relates to the construction of the facilities for use in beer production in Thailand. A business development team from Tsingtao’s headquarters in Beijing will handle the commercial aspects of the project. The project objectives are as follows. Project Objectives The three objectives of this project are as follows. The first objective of the project is to construct an operational brewery in Thailand with the capacity to handle the demands of Thai Consumers as well as to provide products for distribution in nearby markets. The second objective of the project is to make preliminary business plans for the operations of the brewer y. Major Deliverables Based on these objectives the list below provides the project deliverables associated with the project. A fully functional beer brewery in Bangkok Signed service and maintenance contracts with suppliers Product supply contracts with rice farmers A marketing strategy Licenses, permits and regulatory approvals necessary for brewing operations in Thailand Milestones Table 1 below presents the milestones associated with the projectAdvertising Looking for coursework on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Milestone Indicators Completion of the construction of the brewery in Bangkok This includes the civil works, electrical works, plumbing, construction of access roads and parking areas, and installation of equipment in the brewery Signing of service and maintenance contracts with service providers The company will sign supply contracts with an electrical engineering firm to provide co nsultancy on the electrical design of the facility. It also needs contracts with equipment manufacturers to supply and maintain beer-manufacturing equipment. In addition, the company will require contracts with utility providers such as phone companies, internet service providers as well as the region’s water company. Signing of supply contracts with rice farmers The company should sign sufficient contracts to assure it of a regular supply of rice for the production of beer Completion of the development of a marketing strategy Tsingtao must identify the market segments in Thailand’s beer market. In addition, the company needs a detailed understanding of the competitive environment to develop an effective market entry strategy. Obtaining all licenses, permits and regulatory approvals The company needs several licenses and permits to deliver on the project. It needs a permit from Thailand’s environmental agency as well as construction permits from local auth orities. The company also needs a liquor-trading license as well as a business license to operate legally in Thailand. Table 1: Milestones and Related Indicators Technical Requirements The technical requirements for this project are as follows. First, the project should deliver a brewery with a production capacity of three million bottles per month. The brewery should have the capacity to store up to three months supply of rice to avert any supply shortages. The third technical requirement is that the water supply must be at least one hundred thousand cubic litres per day to support brewing operations. Electricity supply should be three-phase at 415 volts. Speculative Work Breakdown Structure The speculative work breakdown structure for this project is as follows. 1. Brewery construction 1.1 Architectural planning 1.2 Land surveyAdvertising We will write a custom coursework sample on Tsingtao Beer specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn Mor e 1.3 Obtaining of construction permits and regulatory approvals Obtaining construction permits Obtaining permits from the environmental management authority 1.4 Retaining contractors Retaining architectural contractor Retaining of electrical engineering contractor Retaining of mechanical engineering contractor Retaining of civil engineering contractor 1.5 Construction phase Construction of foundations Constructions of external and partitioning walls Roofing Installation of brewing equipment Interior design 1.6 Handover of construction project to the company 2. Marketing strategy development 2.1 Marketing research 2.2 Market analysisAdvertising Looking for coursework on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More 2.3 Market segmentation Identification of market segments Choice of market segments to serve 2.4 Branding decisions 2.5 Development of marketing objectives 2.6 Action plan 3. Business process contracts 3.1 Identifications of rice suppliers Prequalification of suppliers by projected volume of production Prequalification based on the quality of rice produced Qualification of suppliers Signing of supply contracts 3.2 Identification of product distributors 3.3 Obtaining trade licenses from government Obtaining general trade licenses 3.4 Obtaining permits from alcohol regulators Obtaining of liquor trading licenses 3.5 Environmental assessment Retaining an environmental consultant to conduct an environmental audit Presentation of report to environmental authority for approval 3.6 Identification of service contractors Identification of electrical engineering services contractor Identification of mechanical engineering service contractor Systems to Ensure Project Success The sy stems needed for the success of this project are as follows. The Project Management Office (PMO) Tsingtao usually implements various projects concurrently. Usually these projects relate to marketing, product development and streamlining of business process. Tsingtao found it wise to establish a full time PMO to handle project management functions in the company. The PMO will provide the project management team in charge of the Thai expansion project with decision support and oversight to ensure that it meets all the required project management standards. Change Management System Change management is a vital part of project management. The change management system for this project has three aspects. First, it handles the chance that a senior project manager may leave the company at a critical stage of the process. The strategy in place is to ensure that every senior project manager shares responsibilities with a highly capable assistant who can provide continuity in case of staff cha nges. Secondly, the company has retained lawyers in Thailand to keep an eye on the legal environment to ensure that Tsingtao enjoys the benefits provided by any new laws affecting foreign investments, and avoids the pitfalls associated with business in Thailand. The third aspect of Tsingtao’s change management strategy is keeping an eye on the business aspects of the project. This includes observing changes in the tastes and preferences of the Thai consumers as well as the availability of supplies. Project Control System The project control system in place has two main aspects. First, the company gave sufficient space to the project management team to handle all issues relating to this project. This team reports directly to the board of Tsingtao. Secondly, the PMO and the Internal Audit Department of Tsingtao provide immediate oversight of the activities of the project management team. Reports by the PMO and the Internal Audit Department form the basis of discussions of the p roject management team’s activities at the board. Risk Management System One of the main duties of the project manager is to keep track of risks that may affect the project The project management team has a risk matrix that forms the basis for risk identification and management. This risk matrix makes it easy for the project management team to identify risks to the project through regular reviews. Every week, the project manager submits a report that contains a risk appraisal of the project based on the risk matrix developed for this project. Project Collaboration One of the biggest challenges that every organization faces when it comes to project management is how to achieve collaboration across various business units. The nature of projects is that they usually require the input of various departments in ways that do not conform to the established organizational structure. A project management committee can function as a separate organization within the organization. In ord er to reduce the risk of dysfunction in Tsingtao’s Thailand project, the company took the following measures. First, the company assigned one of the senior vice presidents the role of project manager for the Thailand project. This VP will be the first president of the Tsingtao’s’ Thailand brewery. The Board felt that making this VP the project manager would give him the opportunity to understand the Thai business environment. Secondly, the board decided to reduce red tape in decision making by making the project management team directly answerable to the board. This makes it easy for the team to make decisions independently away from the bureaucratic processes that plagues many business decisions The board only tracks the overall performance of the team in regards to the objectives of the project. The third aspect of this project is that the board enlisted the help of the Internal Audit Department to keep an eye on the expenses of the project. However, the audit team can query expenses that fall out of expectations. The Internal Audit Department, then reports its findings to the board for further action. The PMO on the other hand analyses all reports presented by the project manager on behalf of the board. The board then makes decisions based on the reports presented by the PMO and the Internal Audit Department. Role of Organizational Culture in Project Success The organizational culture of Tsingtao is playing a very important part in the development of this project. Internally, Tsingtao has a global mindset because of its international clientele. Tsingtao works well with people from other cultures in its marketing chain. The company’s German heritage gave it an international focus on business. The company does not look at itself as a Chinese company, but as a brewery operating in China. This explains the decision by the board to move some operations to Thailand in order to serve its customers better. Despite the internal perception of the company’s identity, the company operates within a Chinese cultural context. One of the visible impacts of Chinese culture in the operations of the project management committee is the choice of the senior VP to head the Thai project. The Chinese culture stresses seniority when it comes to promotions and during hiring. In addition, staff members hold seniors in high regard because of the cultural heritage of the Chinese people. The board is sure that the senior VP will have complete control over the project because of the respect the other project team members accord him. In addition to these cultural aspects, the Chinese power structure usually works around centralised controls. The senior VP is an organizational insider. The board is therefore comfortable with him at the helm of the new operation. The Iron Triangle The success of this project depends on the ability of the project team to deliver it within the scope, cost, and schedule. The scope of the project is non- negotiable. The project management team must deliver the project exactly as designed for it to meet the project’s objectives. On the question of cost, the team can find cost effective options in the design of some aspects of the project. For instance, the project management committee can find large rice suppliers and sign supply contracts with fewer people. This option will save on the cost of organizing large-scale meetings with many smallholders. However, the company will need time to find these cost effective options. The schedule of the project is flexible and is not entirely in the hands of the project committee. For instance, the company cannot force the Thai authorities to process permits faster than usual. The company must wait for the authorities to act. ICT Resources Assessment The three main types of ICT resources useful to this project include project management software, teleconferencing facilities, and internet banking. The project committee needs project manage ment software to schedule tasks and to keep track of progress. The project can also benefit from collaboration software to ensure the team is in touch at all times. This will cut the costs of physical meetings and will save time. The project management team and the board can have meetings via teleconferencing facilities. This will cut out the need to travel between Thailand and China for board meetings. This will also save on time and cost for the project. Thirdly, the project management team will benefit from the internet banking facilities because of the need to transfer funds between China and Thailand to finance the operations of the project. Currently, there are many options available for international funds transfer. Some of these options require regulatory approval. Retrospective Project Plan The diagram below shows that network diagram and the critical path for this project. Figure 1: Network Diagram The tasks, detailed in the network diagram are as follows. The tasks liste d in red show the critical path of the project. Start Architectural planning Land survey Obtaining of construction permits and regulatory approvals Retaining contractors Construction phase Market analysis Market segmentation Branding decisions Development of marketing objectives Action plan Identifications of rice suppliers Identification of product distributors Obtaining trade licenses from government Obtaining permits from alcohol regulators Environmental assessment Identification of service contractors Handover of construction project to the company Marketing research End Risk Management Plan Risk Identification Risk Assessment Risk Control Strategy Risk Communication Cost risks Project costs exceed projected budgets The Internal Audit Department informs project team of cost overruns Strict budgeting practices Careful monitoring of expenses Internal Audit Department to send audit reports to project teams at least weekly Project team to communicate any projected overr uns to the Internal Audit Department and the Board. The arising of unplanned expenses The project management team finds required expenses that are not included in the project budget Project team carries out projections to determine beforehand the risk of such expenses arising Project team communicates to board for approval of funds Project team communicates with the Internal Audit Department on risk Schedule risks Delays in licensing Project team finds out in the field that licensing takes longer than planned Find out from chambers of commerce, and from other Chinese firms in Thailand how long it takes to process licenses Project Teams to communicate risk to board Delays in funds transfer Delays caused by regulators to approve the transfer of funds to Thailand Apply for all necessary approvals in advance Communicate to the board need to early application for funds transfer approvals Delays in delivery of project components by contractors Contractor reports to projec t team about delays in delivery of the project Allow delays in the project plan deliberately so that slack covers any delays Carefully track the critical path Project team to communicate to the board about any delays Scope risks Need to expand scope of works to cover unforeseen construction needs Project team receives reports from contractors about the need to expand the scope of works Carry out evaluations of all processes to identify any emerging risks Communicate to board any projected expansions in scope of works Table 2: Risk Management Plan Evaluation of Project Tools and Methods The following table summarises various project management tools and methods, alongside their benefits to this project. Tools and Methods Benefits to the Project Microsoft Project Software Microsoft Project is beneficial in project scheduling and monitoring. It is also beneficial in resource planning and tracking. It also helps in the development of Gantt charts and network diagram s. PMO The PMO will help in the maintenance of project standards Work Breakdown Structure The Work Breakdown Structure lists all the lowest independently manageable tasks required to deliver the project. Iron Diagram This diagram is useful in conceptualizing and managing project constraints Risk Management Matrix The Risk Management Matrix helps in risk identification and in developing a risk management strategy. Network Diagram The Network Diagram is useful for showing how tasks relate to each other and in identifying the critical path of a project Table 3 Assessment of project management tools and methods Conclusion This success of the Tsingtao project in Thailand will depend on the use of robust project management tools and methods. The project enjoys strong support from the Tsingtao board, which is a critical requirement for the success of any project. However, the project will require careful implementation because of uncertainties inherent in establishing a new business in an unfamiliar business environment. Reference List Ali, D Al-Aali 2011, Strategic Management, Pearson Inc., New York. Arson, EW Gray, CF 2011, Project Management: The Managerial Process, McGraw Hill International, New York, NY. Chow, GC 2007, China’s Economic Transformation, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford. Chumo, L 2011, Financial Risk: Key Fundametals and Case Studies, Strathmore University Press, Nairobi. Cole, GA 2003, Strategic Management, Cengage Learning, Mason, OH. Dixon, DR 1999, ‘The Behavioral Side of Information Technology’, International Journal of Medical Informatics, vol 56, no. 10, pp. 117-123. Hill, C Jones, GR 2009, Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach : Theory, Cengage Learning, Mason OH. Holmes, D 2005, Communication Theory: Media, Technology, and Society, SAGE, London, UK. Kerzner, H 2010, Project Management : Best Practices – Achieving Global Excellence (2nd Edition), Wiley, Hoboken, NJ. Klastorin, T 2003, Project Management: Tools and Trade-offs , Wiley, New York. Meredeth, JR Mantel, SJ 2011, Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 8th edn, John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, NJ. Phillips, J 2010, IT Project Management, McGraw Hill Professional, New York. Pratali, P 2003, ‘Strategic Management of Technological Innovations in the Small to Medium Enterprise’, European Journal of Innovation Management, vol 6, no. 1, pp. 18-31. Walker, DM, Walker, TD Schmitz, JT 2003, Doing Business Internationally: The Guide to Cross-Cultural Success, McGraw-Hill Professional, New York, NY. Zhu, Z 2010, China’s New Diplomacy: Rationale, Strategies and Significance, Ashgate Publishing, Burlington, VT. This coursework on Tsingtao Beer was written and submitted by user Analia Boyer to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Panofskys views on Van Eyck essays

Panofskys views on Van Eyck essays Panofskys purpose in writing this article was to identify a painting discovered in Brussels in 1815 (referred to as the London portrait) as the portrait of Geovanni Arnolfimi and his wife Jeanne de Cename, painted in 1434. Panofsky uses historical documentation and iconography to prove his point. Because a paintings value can be enhanced by its historical significance, it is important to discover its background. Identifying a painting from several centuries ago is not easy. Because there is no photocopy available, we must depend on physical descriptions provided by others for recognition. Only paintings possessed by rich or historically significant people would be described in inventories or letters saved over hundreds of years. Wars often brought destruction and chaos, destroying historical documentation. Panofsky traces the provenance of this picture to provide a logical argument that the London portrait could be the Arnolfimi painting. He carefully documents the historical journey of the Arnolfimi painting, providing a continuous list of ownership from Don Diego de Guevara of Spain in the 1500s to Charles III in 1789. This careful documentation is to prove that the Amolfimi painting was still listed as being in Madrid in 1789. The timing of its disappearance and the subsequent discovery of the London portrait in Brussels in 1815 could easily be attributed to the chaos caused by Napoleons conquering of Spain during the lost time period. Since written documentation is often used as proof of historical happenings, it is very important that the content be interpreted correctly, within its historical context. Because a language translation can easily twist the contents meaning, scholars usually provide a quote in the language of its origin. In Panofskys era, most research scholars were fluent in German, French, and Latin. Today fluency in English is ...

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The Growth of Technology and Humanity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Growth of Technology and Humanity - Essay Example For instance, when placed in juxtaposition with Ong’s consideration of writing as technology (p. 21), it could be considered in a sense that indeed, technology exceeds our humanity. Printed materials portray differing ideas of educated people which would be much appreciated have they been healthy but the sad thing is, papers also serve as battle fields. Words are exchanged in papers that infuriate authors, pens are used to destroy other people and make libelous claims. Television is also used as a means for this purpose where lawyers talk against their fellow lawyers, for instance if only to show who is more intelligent, politicians destroy each other with their words over radios, TV and the internet and the desire for fame and glory overthrows one’s education and sensibility. Speaking of arguments in written form, sometimes they are unintentional and are not directly written to be argumentative rather informative however would present problems to the reader when the su bject matter portray conflicting accounts as was encountered by Tompkins. In her search for the history of Indian Americans, she read different authors which consequently placed her in a quandary. This is usually what happens to audiences of what was mentioned earlier, in the case of arguments presented in the media whether written or through television or internet. On the other side, technology also informs and encourages people to be observant, critical and ever watchful. In the case of the aforementioned writer, her quandary brought her to an in-depth study of the written words of the authors she read which eventually gave her a deeper understanding of their narrations and the differences in their accounts which allowed her to be more open minded. This could prove Ong’s philosophy that technologies are not mere exterior aids but also interior where there is a transformation of consciousness that occurs (25). In a person’s search for truth with the various informatio n that technology brings, when one is vigilant enough to use technology to his advantage, as it may be separate from a person, yet one cannot deny the fact that it affects one’s decisions and reactions. Had Tompkins simply choose to believe the author of her preference, the one whose views was to her liking, there would not have been a growing experience that she encountered in the process. An illumination about a problem occurred, about a problem which she thought was solved long ago but without the reading materials, without technology, she would have never discovered that her problems were not answered after all but were simply hidden. Technology has always been a part of human beings and it probably will increase in its use as people depend on it more and more. This brings the fear that whatever humaneness was left during the time of Einstein might be lost forever with the rapid improvements made on technologies. If televisions were appreciated only when one got home to s it in the living room to enjoy it, now, one could watch movies anywhere and anytime. Laptops and notebooks now come handy and they bring more than what the television offers so that more time is spent on it as compared to the time spent in front of the television. Cellphones are now affordable that even children have access to such machines, engaging them with activities that add to the information they learn in school. However, when one looks around, could there be any